Part One: The Beginning

Once upon a time, there was the magical land of Internetia. Internetia was the biggest land in the world, being home to billions of cities, or Sites, as Internetians called them. Life was peaceful for most Internetians.

Part Two: The Main Story

Internetia wasn't perfect, though. Large portions of Internetia were governed by corporations bent on the takeover of Internetia.

However, there was a revolutionary.

Part Three: The Revolutionary Powwebia

Powwebia. You may have heard the name being spoken to you as a child during a bedtime story.
Powwebia was a revolutionary. This small company broke free of the large, governing masses. They hosted Sites beautifully and gracefully. There was little to no downtime, and things just worked with Powwebia.
But the Revolution was soon ended.

Part Four: The Reign of Lord Endur

Lord Endur, ruler of the large governing corporation of Endur-Ans, was an evil, evil man. Bent on the takeover of Internetia, Lord Endur started buying out these small, revolutionary companies.
Powwebia fought and fought, until it was no use. Lord Endur delivered the final blow, and Powwebia was no more. The name exists, but it will never be the same, revolutionary Powwebia that made Internetia free. Endur-Ans has won.

Part Five: The Memory

Although the revolutionary Powwebia is long gone, it will always be remembered. Lord Endur might have won this battle, but with the help of revolutionary companies like Powwebia, we can defeat Lord Endur and Endur-Ans.

So, thanks to Lord Endur and Endur-Ans, I bring you... Error 500.